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WinnTwinn – 16 dozen
Winnies Cookies Winner!  Dale Evans loves her cookies. Ever since she was a little filly, she has munched happily on them almost everyday. Now that she is grown, I would bet a bucket of cookies that she actually counts them to make sure she gets her daily allotment !
Love Winnies – MY horse loves them. Didnt have a horse for a few years and was so pleased to see Winnies going strong when I got my new girl who needed a lot of love and care. Thanks Winnie’s for such a great product not only a treat!
If my horses could talk, they would say yum, yum, yum, thank you!  i love these cookies, i have been giving them to my horses for many years now.  You should see their faces and body language, so happy.
Pals Pail – 8 dozen
Great cookies…My horses love these treats. They are soft enough for my old horses to enjoy and to use as pill pockets when giving pill medications. Not to mention the benefit of the ingredients and knowing they are right out of the oven when you get them.
Lifetime Cookie Club Membership
Horses luv em - Excellent delivery...taste...and product. My horse and eleven in the pasture say so.






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