Winnie's Cookies - The Original

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Winnie's Cookies.Natural. Fresh. Healthy.

American's Freshest Organic Horse Treat with a dose of love and nutrition in every one.

  • 22 Vitamins, Trace Minerals and Amino Acids

  • Organic, Human Grade, Locally Sourced Ingredients

  • Baked Fresh Each Day

  • Low In Sugar (less than 1%)

  • Made In the U.S.A

  • U.S.A Owned and Operated

Each of our Winnie's Cookies contains 22 different vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids. Mother Nature's best source for good health.
Because Winnie’s Cookies contain no preservatives, they are not stocked on store shelves. Your order will be handmade, baked fresh the same day they are shipped out...
No chemicals from farming, processing, and/or preserving.

By eating these highly nutritious cookies, your horse utilizes 100% of their goodness. 
No waste!

And when your horse is on Winnie's Cookies as part of their regular diet, you are helping to detoxify their digestive tract. A more efficient gut means they absorb their calories better and you can reduce their feed intake and feed bills!
With a low sugar content these are safe for horses with laminitic or metabolic concerns.

INGREDIENTS: Whole wheat, corn, barley, triticale, millet, rye, wheat bran, flax seed, alfalfa seed, dulse, unsulphured molasses, blackstrap molasses, filtered water. Aprox weight 3.5 lbs, hand made weight varies.