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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Vet for Your Horse

Whether you are buying your first horse or rekindling an earlier passion for horseback riding, choosing the right vet is absolutely essential. Horses are not just big dogs - they require specialized care, and specialized knowledge that not every veterinarian has.Many veterinarians specialize in caring for large animals like cattle and horses. When searching for a vet for your [...]

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The Lucky Horseshoe - A Fascinating Tradition

You have probably heard that horseshoes are lucky, but how much do you really know about the legend and its history? Whether you have a horse of your own or just like to throw some horseshoes around the backyard, learning about the history of the lucky horseshoe can make things more fun.The Origins of the LegendThe exact origins of [...]

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Best Fresh Veggies for Horses

Designing a nutritious diet for your horse is a cornerstone of good horse care. Many horse owners wonder about which fresh vegetables that can safely feed their horse as a treat or for added nutrition. Many owners have discovered that they can entice their picky eaters to eat their feed better when it's paired with vegetables they like. The [...]

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Sun Protection for Horses

With the hot season quickly approaching and those long days of summer, it's important to think about sun protection for your horses. Horses can suffer from sunburn and the fact is ultraviolet sun rays can harm your horse's health just as they can impact our own. Horses are particularly prone to sunburn around their muzzle and eyes. In fact, [...]

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The Benefits of Glucosamine Sulfate for Horses and Dogs

With age, joint problems become increasingly common, not only in people but in our pets as well. From cats and dogs to horses, problems with arthritis and other types of joint inflammation are a mutual concern for all kinds of pet owners who want to ensure their pet lives a comfortable, active life.Horse owners are often particularly troubled by soreness [...]

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The Importance of Physical Activity for your Dog

You know that staying physically active is important for your own health and well-being, but did you know that exercise is just as important for your dog? It seems our pets are suffering from the same diseases as their human owners, as veterinarians report an increase in diabetes, obesity and other chronic conditions. If you want to avoid chronic [...]

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The Importance of Keeping up with your Horse’s Dental Hygiene

Many owners take considerable pains to address their horse's healthcare, but may be ignoring their horse's dental hygiene, which could lead to problems. Horses' teeth never stop growing, so problems associated with their teeth are not uncommon. By inspecting your horse's teeth on a regular basis, you can actually enhance your horse's overall health and well-being.Dental Problems and Your Horse's Health [...]

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The Healing Power of Horses

Horse therapy is a specific type of therapy that harnesses the positive energy that develops through the human-to-equine bond.Also commonly referred to as equine-assisted therapy, this type of rehabilitation technique leads to desirable changes in individuals suffering from a variety of personal and psychological issues.Designed to help people find a way to overcome or live with the problems that they are [...]

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Do You Know What Your Pets Are Eating?

Just like foods meant for humans, pet foods feature labeling that can be downright tricky to understand. Although you might see labels on pet foods and treats that state "organic ingredients," the product may not actually be a certified organic pet food. Naturally, when feeding your horse or other pets, you want to ensure that you're feeding them the healthiest [...]

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