The Benefits of Glucosamine Sulfate for Horses and Dogs

Posted by Winnie's Cookies on 5th Dec 2023

With age, joint problems become increasingly common, not only in people but in our pets as well. From cats and dogs to horses, problems with arthritis and other types of joint inflammation are a mutual concern for all kinds of pet owners who want to ensure their pet lives a comfortable, active life.

Horse owners are often particularly troubled by soreness and inflammation experienced by their equine companions. Arthritic changes and inflammation can result in periodic episodes of lameness and even a total loss of soundness.

There are plenty of theories regarding the cause of the increase in inflammation and arthritis in horses. Some experienced horse owners feel that pushing young horses too hard at too young an age can lead to the breakdown of joints later on. Others worry that the unnatural movement seen in some aspects of competitive equine activities is to blame.

No matter what the reason, it is up to each horse owner to assess the health of the animals under their care and get them the help they need to stay sound, happy and healthy throughout their lives. Joint problems are not seen only in older horses. In some cases even young horses have x-rays that show arthritic changes and fusing joints. Treating those animals promptly can preserve their life quality and prevent long-term soundness issues.

Whether you ride your horse for pleasure, on trails or participate in high-intensity activities like show jumping and endurance riding, it is important to treat your equine companion an athlete. That means getting regular veterinary care, proper shoeing and supplementation when it is required.

Glucosamine sulfate supplements in particular have shown real promise in treating joint problems and inflammation not only for humans, but also for dogs, horses and other companion animals. The same factors that make glucosamine sulfate so effective at treating humans can have the same impact on animals.

Glucosamine sulfate is so effective at treating joint inflammation because it is a necessary building block of collagen and is responsible for the formation of tendon, join and articular cartilage. Glucosamine sulfate has also been shown to improve the production of synovial fluid, which plays a vital role in the normal functioning of the joints and tendons.

Supplementation with glucosamine sulfate has been shown to improve deteriorating joints and help prevent further damage. Halting ongoing damage can be very important for horse owners, since soundness issues and recurrent lameness tend to get worse over time.

In addition to the impact on deteriorating joints, glucosamine sulfate has also been shown to strengthen weakened and damaged tendons. A bowed tendon can put even the most fit horse out of commission for months, so the ability to prevent damage before it occurs is one of the most important potential benefits of glucosamine sulfate supplementation.

The ability to ease the pain and inflammation of arthritis is another significant advantage of glucosamine sulfate supplements. There are medications to treat inflammation in horses, but treatments like bute can have serious side effects when used long-term. Supplementation with glucosamine sulfate is thought to be just as effective at treating inflammation and pain – and much safer.

Glucosamine sulfate has also been proven to be more easily absorbed than alternatives like chondroitin sulfates. That easy absorption is key, especially when it comes to treating animals. If the supplement is not easy to absorb, it will not have the desired effect. That is why so many horse owners have been working with their vets and adding daily glucosamine sulfate supplements to their horses’ diets.

You want your animals to live long comfortable lives, and sometimes that means finding solutions to prevent future damage or manage their current health and well-being. If your active cat, dog or horse seems to be affected by joint pain, ask your veterinarian if glucosamine sulfate supplements would be a good choice.