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For vitality, productivity, calm attitude

A formulation of organic herbs and vegetables designed to:

• Enhance the immune system • Tone the reproductive system

• Balance the hormonal system • Calm the nervous system

The herbs found in WinnMare have been used for centuries to prepare broodmares for breeding and foaling as well as to help calm irritated, nervous mares during their estrous cycle.

Echinacea Purpurea provides the most immune enhancing properties available while Red Raspberry leaves tone the reproductive organs and aid in hormone balance. WinnMareuses only the most aromatic and therapeutic German Chamomile to calm nerves, improve digestion and soothe aching muscles. Unlike the herbs used in many other products, the herbs in WinnMare are hand-picked and sun-dried, not radiated — making them more valuable nutritionally. All ingredients in WinnMare are top quality, premium-grade organic foods.

This product is in powder form & should be mixed into the horse's feed – not a cookie.